generate-zbm [options]


Where noted, command-line options supersede options in the generate-zbm(5) configuration file.

--version|-v zbm-version

Override the ZFSBootMenu version in output files; supersedes Global.Version

--kernel|-k kernel-path

Manually specify a specific kernel; supersedes Kernel.Path

--kver|-K kernel-version

Manually specify a specific kernel version; supersedes Kernel.Version

--prefix|-p image-prefix

Manually specify the output image prefix; supersedes Kernel.Prefix


Force the use of mkinitcpio instead of dracut.


Force the use of dracut instead of mkinitcpio.

--confd|-C config-path

Specify initramfs configuration path

  • For dracut: supersedes Global.DracutConfDir

  • For mkinitcpio: supersedes Global.InitCPIOConfig

--hookd|-H hookd-path

Specify mkinitcpio hook directory; supersedes Global.InitCPIOHookDirs

May be specified more than once. Ignored when using dracut.

--cmdline|-l options

Override the kernel command line; supersedes Kernel.CommandLine

--bootdir|-b boot-path

Specify the path to search for kernel files; default: /boot

--config|-c conf-file

Specify the path to a configuration file; default: /etc/zfsbootmenu/config.yaml


Set the Global.ManageImages option to true, enabling image generation.


Set the Global.ManageImages option to false, disabling image generation.


Enable debug output


Print ZFSBootMenu version and quit.


generate-zbm(5) zfsbootmenu(7)