Recovery Shell


Recovery Shell#

Common Commands#

zfsbootmenu | zbm

Launch the interactive boot environment menu.

zfs-chroot dataset

Enter a chroot of the specified boot environment. The boot environment is mounted read/write if the zpool is imported read/write.

zkexec dataset kernel initramfs

Directly kexec a kernel and initramfs from a boot environment, allowing any kernel and initramfs to be loaded into memory and immediately booted.

zsnapshots dataset

Access the snapshot browser for a dataset, allowing cloning and rollback operations to be initiated.


List ZFS module, pool and dataset details for bug reports.


Show the aggregated commandline from /etc/cmdline, /etc/cmdline.d/ and /proc/cmdline.

set_rw_pool pool

Export, then re-import the pool read/write.

set_ro_pool pool

Export, then re-import the pool read-only.

mount_zfs dataset

Mount the filesystem at a unique location and print the mount point.

mount_efivarfs mode

Mount or remount efivarfs as read-write or read-only.


View the online help system.


View warning/error/debug logs.


Shutdown the system using a SysRq magic invocation.


Reboot the system using a SysRq magic invocation.